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Use the mouse to look around! Click to PERFORM A SICK OLLIE. Click again while in the air to DIVE TOWARDS THE GROUND and BOUNCE BACK UP. Hold the mouse to GRIND ALONG THE SIDEWALK.

M mutes the music

N mutes all sound effects.

H performs an airhorn sound.

Press V at the title screen to enter VAPORWAVE MODE, an undiscovered screensaver from a land beyond time.

Play in your browser or download to play ON THE GO. If playing in your browser DOESN'T WORK, try Firefox OR follow the instructions HERE

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Published2 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity


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sk8_punx_199x_infinity_sponsored_by_frito_lay_linux.zip 40 MB
sk8_punx_199x_infinity_sponsored_by_frito_lay_windows.zip 37 MB
sk8_punx_199x_infinity_sponsored_by_frito_lay_mac.zip 40 MB